Sex, Warts 'n' All

4 series for BBC (with Blackwatch's Alison Black as Series Producer)

With an audience of primarily teens, twenty and thirty-somethings, BBC Choice felt compelled to commission Sex, Warts `n' All - a fly-on-the-wall series which lifts the lid on exactly what goes on behind the usually very closed doors of a busy STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections (or genito-urinary) clinic in Glasgow for the first series. Future series featured Leeds, then Los Angeles and Sydney.

The programme aims to de-stigmatise the whole process, revealing how simple and painless an examination is, and demonstrate how non-judgemental staff are. By the end of the series, viewers knew their chlamydia from their herpes, their lice from their warts, and know exactly what to do and where to go if they find themselves in a similar predicament.

The rate of STIs in the UK has increased in recent years. Unfortunately, awareness of the prevention and treatment has not caught up. The stigma and embarrassment attached to the subject means that it is rarely discussed. Sex, Warts `n' All  offered a no holds barred, yet informative and educational look, at both the patients and doctors in a Glasgow clinic. Patients talk openly and honestly about their conditions and the cameras follow them all the way through from their consultations to the treatment. Some of the footage is not for the squeamish, and may have been the inspiration behind Embarrassing Bodies!


The outcomes were positive: there was a reduction in stigma, people felt more able to come forward for sexual health consultations and there was a greater public understanding of the most common sexual health infections and how they were treated. My experience with Alison Black and her BBC team was also positive.
— Dr. Rak Nandwani, Lead Physician (Series One)