Blackwatch Productions is a broadcast development and production specialist, working with top teams from around the world. 


Engaging Audiences

First of all, no matter how sensitive the subject, it has to be engaging. Entertaining where appropriate. Funny. Warm. We have a fundamental need to tell, and hear, our stories. If no-one’s watching does the content even exist?

International Reach

Operating across three continents, bringing together key decision makers and producers from the UK, Australia and the USA, Blackwatch is based in Sydney and Brisbane in Australia and Yorkshire in the UK.


Working Together

Content is global. Blackwatch Productions’ staff have spent their careers in the UK, US and Australia. They have great access to  decision makers in the UK, US and Australia and a deep understanding of those markets. We bring together those who don’t know they need each other, and create partnerships and deals where everyone wins.

What's New

 Lair of the Killer Croc, Animal Planet, now screening around the world Australia. Join the hunt for the world's biggest crocodile.

Lair of the Killer Croc

Paul "Gator Boy" Bedard and croc hunter "Crocodile Mick Pitman" journey through the Northern Territory to explore the invasion of crocodiles. Produced for Animal Planet's Monster Week.

LAIR OF THE KILLER CROCS has just gone gangbusters in the the US on Animal Planet for Monster Week.

Paul "Gator Boy” Bedard and Aussie legend Crocodile Mick Pitman journey through the Northern Territory to explore the invasion of giant crocs.

Now airing throughout the world.



We are thrilled that Changing Minds: The Inside Story, produced by Northern Pictures with Alison Black as Supervising Producer, has won a coveted Gold Medal in the 2016 New York Festivals. Congratulations to a fabulous production team and our thanks, as ever, to the patients, families and staff who took part.